Cory Schwartz may have gotten smoked in a footrace by former Baltimore Orioles star Brady Anderson, but it wasn't a total loss.

As Schwartz, the vice president of the stats department at MLB Advanced Media, tells it, he came away with an amazing story.

In an e-mail to the Eutaw St. Report, Schwartz writes that he saw Anderson at a restaurant at the MLB winter meetings and remembered an anecdote from a 1992 Sports Illustrated story in which a fan challenged Anderson to a foot race. Anderson won by a mile.

Schwartz figured he'd challenge Anderson to a race. At worst, Anderson would politely decline but at least take a photo with Schwartz. As it turned out, Anderson accepted. Anderson, you may recall, stole 315 bases in his career and topped 30 stolen bases in three separate seasons.

From Schwartz's account of the race iin his email to the Eutaw Street Report, it was never a contest:

"“One… two…” but before “go,” Brady takes off! Oh s---, I take off too, but in about two strides he’s already 10 feet ahead of me… I’m toast. I’m chasing after him and shout, “slow down man!!” and just then he turns around and runs the rest of the race backwards! Finally I reach my buddy Mark and slap hands as I run by, but Brady never did (since he was running backwards)!"

CBS baseball writer Jon Heyman confirmed Schwartz's story:

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