Just how invested are Philadelphia fans in their beloved Eagles?

New data from the Philadelphia Police Commissioner's Office compiled by Philly Mag shows that when it comes to disorderly conduct arrests, citations have increased threefold when the Eagles have lost over the past two years.

The Eagles have played 24 games at 1 p.m. EST since 2011. They're 11-13 in those matchups. According to Philly Mag, on those 11 Sundays after the Eagles won, there were 19 disorderly conducts cited. On the 13 Sundays after the Eagles lost, there were 64 disorderly conduct arrests. Of course, correlation does not imply causation. But this is a striking jump.

Thankfully, the number of serious crimes did not spike following a Philadelphia defeat.

Linebacker Mychal Kendricks said the team's players are well aware of this phenomenon in the City of Brotherly Love. Kendricks told Philly Mag that Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey spoke to the team before the 2012 season and mentioned how much more behaved people are when the team wins.

“He basically said crime rates jump up significantly when we lose,” Kendricks said. ”He told us that, and I was like, ‘Damn, if that’s a real statistic, we better start winning.’ “

The worst Sundays, it seems, are when the Eagles lose to the New York Giants. Those two defeats accounted for 25 of the 64 disorderly conduct arrests (40 percent).

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