Rudy Gay had purchased some tickets to the Toronto Raptors' game Sunday against the Lakers in Los Angeles, so he was understandably disappointed when he found out he would not be playing.

As it turns out, the Raptors were in the final stages of a seven-player deal with the Sacramento Kings, with Gay as the centerpiece. Less than a year after being acquired by Toronto, Gay was once again on the move.

When Gay heard that he would not be playing against the Lakers, he reportedly asked for his money back on the tickets. Not unreasonable, sure, but a little surprising seeing as Gay is set to make $17.89 million this year.

Good for Gay for being tight with his money. We've seen countless cases of once-wealthy athletes going broke, so it's hard to blame Gay for asking for his money back. Perhaps now he can empathize with Chicago Bulls fans who bought tickets to watch Derrick Rose.

Unfortunately, Rudy, that's not how it works.

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