Sports teams are known to offer giveaways to entice fans to come to games. Rarely, however, have teams rewarded fans with copies of a TV show. For one thing, giving away a television program does not tend to be the biggest draw. For another, these shows are not that difficult to find online.

Things are different, apparently, for the popular HBO show Girls.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have announced that they'll be handing out copies of the first season of the show during select "Ladies Nights" this year. Also included in the ticket, which costs $18, is a beer, wine, or soda.

Girls has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon since it debuted in April 2012. The show has gained a cult following and has been nominated for five Emmy Awards in each of the past two years.

As Deadspin points out, the Timberwolves offered the same promotion last season with the same show. And while Girls debuted its second season last winter, Minnesota is handing out the first season DVDs. So even if fans start watching the show and actually like it, they'll have some catching up to do.