A determined attempt to get Rihanna's autograph, and the ugly scuttle that ensued, may mark the end of one rugby player's career.

The Gold Coast Suns, an Australian Rugby Team, had recently finished a training trip in the United States when this incident occurred. Several players were at a bar in Los Angeles when the team was told to clear the club for Rihanna and her entourage.

According to the Herald-Sun, Suns player Steve May wanted to get back in the club to obtain an autograph from the pop star. But May was stopped by Josh Gibson, another Australian rugby player who was out with the Suns. May verbally abused Gibson, which is when his Suns teammate Campbell Brown stepped in. Brown reportedly punched May in the face, breaking his jaw.

The club is investigating the incident, but the Herald-Sun reports Brown's career is "hanging by a thread" as the Suns decide whether they'll cut him.

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Brown, 30, has been involved in several off-the-field incidents during his career and has missed a total of 28 games due to suspension.

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