A freshman at East Central College in Union, Mo., may be faced with an incredibly tough decision this week: Skip the national championship game or fail a class?

KTVI in Missouri brought to light the story of Hannah Leslie, a volleyball player on full scholarship at East Central. She's missed three biology classes this year because of games, and she says she's gotten an excuse note for those classes from the school's athletic director. But her biology professor has had enough. The professor told Leslie that if she misses a class while playing in the upcoming National Junior College Athletic Association volleyball tournament, she will fail the course.

"I'm just in an awkward situation," Leslie told KTVI. "I'm in the middle of it. I was really hoping we could resolve this and come to a better conclusion than this."

Leslie is on full scholarship, so it would seem she should be able to miss class for games, especially ones of this magnitude. But the school's dean has declined to step in. Instead, as the agreement stands now, the school will fly Leslie to Ohio for one game and back to East Central for class.

(H/T to For The Win)