A tidbit revealed by Louisville junior Kevin Ware in a recent interview confirms that Kobe Bryant's well-chronicled competitiveness extends beyond the basketball court.

Ware, who broke his leg in a gruesome injury suffered during the 2013 Elite Eight, told ESPN that he and Bryant, who suffered a torn achilles at the end of the 2012-2013 NBA season, made a wager while both were recovering. Whoever took longer to return to the court would have to attend one of the other's games. While Ware is being held out of the Cardinals' opening regular season games, he did make an appearance in Louisville's exhibition win over Pikeville.

Bryant, along with Kevin Durant, Michelle Obama and Charles Barkley, called Ware in the days after his injury.

"I've got to get in touch with [Bryant] again so he can make it to a game," Ware says in his interview with ESPN.

Ware mentions the wager at the 1:20 mark of this video:

Ware has joked that he's "more of a LeBron guy," but we're sure he'd take a visit from Bryant.