After entering the season with sky-high expectations, the two-time defending champion Miami Heat have stumbled out to a 2-2 record, which includes a rare two-game losing skid.

In Year Four of the Big Three, some of the players have attributed the slow start to a lack of chemistry. That sounds puzzling, seeing as the team advanced to three consecutive NBA Finals with largely the same cast. But listening to Dwyane Wade describe the team's problems will resonate with anyone who has ever been in a relationship.

"Let me give you an example," Wade said Sunday. "If you're in a relationship with a woman for a long time, you start getting comfortable. You stop doing the little things that you should do, that you did in the beginning. It's just like a relationship. We got a little comfortable. Now we have to get back on that edge a little bit."

While Wade wasn't directly referring to his chemistry with LeBron James, the two superstars have had a well-chronicled relationship since they teamed up in 2010. Neither has been afraid to call the other out, and both have attested to the fact that their relationship is not "a bed of roses."

In fact, Wade and James have been compared to an old married couple before.

The Heat's struggles this year have extended beyond Wade and James. The team committed 55 turnovers in its first three games and has watched as its four opponents have averaged 100.8 points per game. Last year the Heat held opposing teams to 95 points per game.

The Heat, who pulled out a solid 103-93 victory over the Wizards on Sunday, don't appear to be in too much trouble. And like with many a relationship, assuming James and Wade can stay on the same page they should be in store for a pretty nice ring.