Normally, the players competing in the World Series aren't the only ones with something on the line in the Fall Classic.

Mayors, governors and other politicians have a long history of wagering on their teams in the World Series. Sometimes the bet will involve food. Other times it will be some sort of community service.

That tradition will not be taking place this year, as the St. Louis Cardinals take on the Boston Red Sox. Earlier in the postseason, Francis Slay of St. Louis tweeted that he would not be making any bets with other mayors this fall.

Then, this week, Slay confirmed that he would not be making a wager with Boston Mayor Tom Menino.

The last time the Cardinals were in the World Series, Slay won a case of Texas steaks from Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck.

As it turns out, Menino, who isn't the biggest sports fan, might not be too upset about the situation.

Fried raviolis, Mayor, are a St. Louis tradition. And a delicious one at that.