When the Cleveland Browns unveiled their renovated practice facility this summer, the organization was rightfully proud. The team put $5 million into the upgrades, modernizing many aspects of the building.

It seems, however, that the team should have double checked before plastering the walls of the facility with inspirational quotes. An investigation by Deadspin reveals that many of the quotes used by the Browns are misattributed and others may be false.

Take this one, for example.

While it's a fine quote, in his own book Player attributed it to another golfer, Jerry Barber.

Another quote, attributed to Mother Teresa, is refuted on her website.

In total, from the quotes that it investigated, Deadspin tallied four correct, nine incorrect and one of questionable origin.

In response to Deadspin's story, a Browns spokesman told cleveland.com that "the quotes are available on multiple Web sites and are generally acknowledged to be faithful to their sources."