Ricky Williams' relationship with marijuana is a complicated one, to say the least.

The Heisman Trophy winner tested positive for pot several times while in the NFL, and he was even suspended for an entire year during his prime.

Looking back on his struggles with marijuana, Williams now says the drug wasn't an issue at all. In fact, Williams notes, smoking pot might have actually been an advantage for him while he was in the NFL.

“I don’t agree that it was an Achilles heel," Williams, now an assistant coach at at the University of the Incarnate Word, told Bonnie Bernstein on Campus Insiders. "I kind of think it was more like spinach for Popeye.”

While Williams can't help but laugh here, one has to wonder whether there's any truth to the idea that marijuana allowed Williams to accomplish all that he did. After all, Williams has been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, and he's said that marijuana helped him deal with that.

Former Miami Dolphins teammate Channing Crowder even said Williams routinely smoked weed before games, and that his marijuana use did not affect the team.

(H/T to For The Win)