While the Washington Redskins have come under the most fire for their nickname, Dan Snyder's team isn't the only professional organization that uses an image of a Native American in its logo.

For decades the Cleveland Indians have been associated with "Chief Wahoo" (above). And while some fans have deemed the logo offensive, as recently as April the organization promised that it has no plans to phase out Chief Wahoo.

With that in mind, it's interesting to note that the organization is asking its fans about their attachment to the logo. In Cleveland's annual offseason survey delivered to fans, there are five questions about Chief Wahoo:

The possible responses are “Strongly Disagree,” “Disagree,” “Neither Agree nor Disagree,” “Agree” and “Strongly Agree.”

Cleveland issued this statement about the survey to the Cleveland Business Journal:

"The Indians continuously survey our fans on all matters of the organization. In this instance, the feedback on logos and uniforms was a small part of an overarching fan satisfaction survey and represents a normal course of action in our effort to ultimately provide the best fan experience possible."