Eli Manning, a Hoboken, N.J., resident recently endorsed the city's incumbent mayor, Dawn Zimmer, for reelection. And one of Zimmer's opponents, Tim Occhipinti, is not happy.

Occhipinti wrote an "open letter" to Manning's older brother, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton, urging him to talk some sense into Eli. The letter, several excerpts of which you can read below, is scathing and full of sarcasm:

"In the past few weeks since baby brother agreed to throw his hat into Hoboken politics, and agreed to attend our opponent’s fundraiser; the Giants have lost every game, and Eli has had a very tough go of it."

"We are not sure whether it’s the 14 sacks he has endured that made his off the field political decision-making questionable –or if the 9 interceptions and 2 fumbles this year show that he is making questionable decisions on and off the field."


"Please Peyton, talk to Eli and help us get another championship. Let baby brother know that we believe in his football skills. We know his recent questionable judgment on the field and in Hoboken politics can be corrected. The Giants can get back on track and back to their winning ways! Let him know that 0-4 quarterbacks get involved in politics. Winning quarterbacks stick with what is happening on the field. Go Big Blue."

Ouch. Not the safest tactic here, as even though the Giants have gotten off to a poor start this season, Manning has led them to two Super Bowls in the past seven years and remains popular among fans.

But more than critiquing Manning, Occhipinti's main goal here was to attract attention for his campaign. And in that case, mission accomplished.

(H/T to Deadspin)