As the Texans continue to struggle, it seems every week fans in Houston find another way to ridicule quarterback Matt Schaub.

We've read about people sneaking into Schaub's neighborhood and yelling obscenities at him and even driving around the city with a Schaub dummy hanging out of the trunk. A restaurant offered a "Pick Six" Schaub special.

A local grocery store even joined in on the Schaub bashing. At a Kroger near Schaub's home, a tombstone was included in a Halloween display that read "R.I.P. Matt Schaub’s arm 2011-2013."

While this display isn't nearly as harmful as screaming obscenities outside Schaub's house, it is problematic because Kroger is a sponsor of the Houston Texans.

The store quickly removed the tombstone and issued this apology:

"Kroger would like to express tremendous regret over the derogatory Matt Schaub sign that was displayed at one of our store locations. It was created without the direction and approval from our marketing department. The sign has been removed. Kroger has been a proud sponsor of the Houston Texans for several years—in fact, this past weekend, we supported the Texans’ Pink Ribbon Day game, which promotes breast cancer awareness, a cause which Kroger is deeply committed to, and we’re excited to root on the team for the remainder of the season."