Chris Paul II has a pretty sweet life.

As the son of an NBA superstar, the 4-year-old gets to sit front row at basketball games while being babysat by the world's hottest pop star. And did we mention he's got tens of thousands of followers on Instagram?

And now, little Chris never has to leave Staples Center. That's because his parents have brought it to his room, in the form of an incredibly cool mural.

The Pauls contracted L Star Murals to design a wonderful and imaginative mural in their son's room. It includes drawings of Chris' parents and his younger sister, all of his grandparents and even Jay Z and Beyonce. The design includes a basketball hoop and even regulation NBA flooring.

Via L Star Murals' blog, here are some photos:

This is the wall before the mural.

And here's what it looks like now.

All four of Chris' grandparents, next to Jay Z and Beyonce.

A close-up of the rapper.

Chris' mother, Jada, his father, Chris, and his younger sister, Camryn.

As you can see, Chris is already taking advantage of the hoop: