St. Louis Cardinals fans were understandably ecstatic following their team's win over the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday night. The Cardinals overcame a 2-1 series deficit and won a thrilling NLDS Game 5 at home to slip past the surging Pirates.

After the game, St. Louis fans were hooting and hollering as they left Busch Stadium, much to the chagrin of a sportscaster from Pittsburgh who was doing a live stand-up following the game.

The poor reporter, Guy Junker, admirably keeps his composure as fans are yelling and gesturing behind him. But even he can't help but smile when a female Cardinals fan leans in for a smooch.

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You've got to give Junker credit for sticking to the script during this report. Despite no shortage of distractions, he delivered a solid report and even managed to recover nicely after the attempted kiss.