The legend of Brian Scalabrine continues to grow.

The White Mamba, who became somewhat of a cult hero during his time on the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls, is now an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors. And he made a, well, interesting first impression with the team.

Scalabrine showed up to the Warriors' media day this week with a brutal-looking black eye. An absolute shiner. Here's the photo, via Adam Figman.

Everyone was curious as to how Scalabrine could have ended up with this injury. Did he take an elbow to the eye during a pickup game against the inmates of the San Quentin State Prison? Or, worse, did he get in a scuffle?

No and no. As it turns out, Scalabrine's black eye is the result of dental surgery:

Talk about anticlimactic.

(H/T to Deadspin)