Over the past few years, as LeBron James has racked up MVP awards and NBA titles, the debate over whether he is better than Michael Jordan has ensued on television, in gyms and in living rooms around the country.

Both men have chimed in. Jordan suggested that, in his prime, he could beat James in a game of one on one. Magic Johnson agrees.

James has politely declined to answer the question, noting that comparisons are essentially useless.

A few patrons at a bar in Pittsburgh recently got to discussing the merits of James and Jordan, and their discussion did not end in a civil manner.

Harmony Township Police Chief Jim Essek says Michael Landeros and his nephew, Armando Encinas, were at Ba'runi Hotel & Grille over the weekend when they got to talking about James and Jordan. By that point, Landeros and Encinas had been at the bar for several hours and police believe they were intoxicated.

Another patron at the bar had a Pittsburgh Penguins shirt on, and ultimately the discussion turned to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Landeros and Encinas, who are from Maryland, are not Steelers fans.

According to a police report, as the argument escalated a bar owner, an employee and a patron tried to calm Encinas down. But this enraged Encinas, and he took out a knife and stabbed the three men.

Landeros and Encinas were both arrested and thrown in jail. Landaros was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and simple assault while Encinas faces felony charges of attempted homicide and aggravated assault.

The three victims of the stabbing were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive.

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