Football fans looking to attend the Super Bowl know they'll have to spend a small fortune to get seats, and this year that rule holds truer than ever.

According to several reports, tickets to the 2014 Super Bowl in New York will be the priciest in history. By far.

The league expects the most expensive seats to the upcoming game to be around $2,600. According to the Wall Street Journal, those will be club-level seats in the mezzanine at MetLife Stadium with access to indoor restaurants. That will be a luxury next year when February temperatures in New York may be in the teens or 20s.

Last year in New Orleans, the most expensive tickets went for around $1,250.

The second most expensive tier of seats for the 2014 game will go for around $1,500, a $600 hike from Super Bowl XLVII.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said part of the reason for the serious hike in prices is an attempt to match the original price with what a ticket may go for on the secondary market.

"We are looking to close the gap between the face value of the ticket and its true value as reflected on the secondary market," McCarthy said. "The uniqueness of the Super Bowl in the New York/New Jersey is also driving unprecedented demand and buzz."

The cheapest tickets for the game at MetLife Stadium will go for around $500. The NFL will raffle off 1,000 of those tickets, which will be non-transferrable. The league said that last year, more than half of the 500 people who won one of the cheapest tickets turned around and sold it within 24 hours of the raffle.

Matthew Futterman of the Wall Street Journal spoke with Barry Kahn, chief executive of Qcue, a firm that provides data-based pricing software to the sports and entertainment industry. According to Kahn, this year's pricing increase still makes the Super Bowl tickets a bargain.

"If you said they were raising lower-level tickets to $5,000," Kahn told Futterman. "I wouldn't blink an eye."