Overcoming Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and the rest of the Atlanta Falcons' high-octane offense, as the New Orleans Saints did in their season-opening victory Sunday, is no small deal. Indeed, it's a cause for celebration.

According to the NOLA Defender, New Orleans defensive coordinator Rob Ryan celebrated the big win by heading to local watering hole Ms. Mae's and paying for everyone's drinks.

“He put down 100 bucks and was like buy everybody a round and keep the change," said bartender Jason Matherne.

Matherne said that Rob Ryan, who was hired by the Saints this offseason after being fired in Dallas, was greeted with a round of applause when he entered Ms. Mae's.

“We think it’s pretty cool that he’s so down to Earth. He comes in and gets Rolling Rock," Matherne said. "He doesn’t drink anything fancy. He drinks the cheapest beer we have."