Watch out, Mannings, Uptons and Griffeys. We've got a new contender for the country's most athletic family tree.

TMZ is reporting that Brynn Cameron (below), the mother of Matt Leinart's 6-year-old son, gave birth to Blake Griffin's son in August. Cameron, who played basketball at USC, is the older sister of Browns tight end Jordan Cameron and free agent quarterback Colby Cameron. How's that for athleticism?

According to a birth certificate obtained by TMZ, Griffin and Cameron's son was born on Aug. 1 and is named Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin. Griffin is 24. Brynn Cameron is 27.

Cameron dated Leinart for a year and broke up at the end of his senior season at USC in 2004-05. Soon after they split, Cameron found out she was pregnant.

Griffin and Cameron were reportedly dating as early as two years ago, and around that time Griffin starred in a video promoting Jordan's preparation for the NFL draft.

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To recap: Brynn Cameron has had sons with Matt Leinart (6-year-old Cole) and Blake Griffin (nearly-2-month-old Ford Wilson). Her brother, Colby, set quarterbacking records at Louisiana Tech and had a brief stint this summer with the Carolina Panthers. Her other brother, Jordan, is having a breakout year with the Browns and scored three touchdowns in Cleveland's win over Minnesota on Sunday.

And did we mention that Jordan is dating supermodel Erin Heatherton?