This might be a heartbreaker to crooner Bruno Mars, but the pop star apparently doesn't have everyone's support as the choice for a Super Bowl halftime performer.

The announcement that Mars will perform at the 2014 Super Bowl prompted a petition on, which has already gathered more than 25,000 signatures, to request metal band GWAR to work the 2015 event.

The petition was launched a little over a week ago and seems to be continuing to gain momentum. But it is unlikely to faze the person it's addressed to, Greg Aiello, who is in charge of NFL communications and doesn't really have anything to do with the halftime show.

From the petition: "The time for GWAR to address the nation is NOW.

Every year people complain about who the halftime show is going to feature, now we are telling you who we want: WE WANT GWAR in 2015!

Why should articles like "Bruno Mars Announced For Super Bowl Halftime Show, Gwar Waits Until Next Year (Again)" (from Screen Junkies) be a joke?

We don't want another year of sitting around talking through a muted, boring NFL Super Bowl halftime show. We want something different. We want a real spectacle that only GWAR can provide. Doesn't the NFL want more viewers? Don't advertisers want more people paying attention? This way everyone wins.

So what would a GWAR halftime show look like?

"The GWAR Super Bowl XLIX Half-Time Extravaganza will most certainly include bloody cheerleaders, something that spews Gatorade, and a marching band version of 'Saddam-A-Go-Go,'" the petition's author, Jeff Cantrell, wrote to SBNation. "These are things America needs to heal for the mental wounds of previous halftime affairs."

If you're not familiar with GWAR, here's a quick introduction:

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