Of all the positions in the NFL, excluding specialists, offensive linemen may receive the fewest endorsements. While these men serve a crucial purpose on the team, they don't rack up crazy stats and they don't tend to look like Tom Brady.

But now one company is bypassing convention and heading straight for the line of scrimmage. Dollar Shave, a company perhaps best known for its dirt cheap razors and humorous commercials, will be using four NFL centers in its marketing campaign for its newest product, flushable butt wipes for men called One Wipe Charlies.

Mike Dubin, Dollar Shave's CEO, told AdAge that centers seemed like a perfect fit for the product and its message.

"Everybody's got their eye on the center's ass all season long," Dubin said. "That's why we picked them. They have to keep that area clean, not just on the field but off the field."

The four centers chosen are Nick Hardwick (San Diego Chargers), John Sullivan (Minnesota Vikings), Travis Frederick (Dallas Cowboys) and Eric Wood (Buffalo Bills). They will appear in radio ads that include the tagline "Every great play starts with a clean snap."

Dollar Shave created the hashtag #cleansnap for the campaign, and for each tweet it sees with that hashtag, it will donate $1 to a charity of the centers' choice:

According to the New York Post, the centers are likely making around $10,000 for the campaign. That's a fraction of the cost that high-profile players like Brady or Peyton Manning would command for an ad.