New York Yankees superfan Joseph Neubauer was recently faced with a tough decision.

Neubauer told CBS New York that he hadn't missed a Yankees home game in 38 years. But when a rain delay forced the Yankees to reschedule a game for Sept. 19, 2012, he had to choose between work and baseball. He chose the Yankees.

Neubauer's bosses at Taxi and Limousine Commission, where he had worked for nearly three decades, weren't happy about him skipping work. So on July 31, 2013, they fired him. They told CBS New York that this wasn't the first time he had cut work to attend a baseball game. A judge suspended Neubauer for 60 days without pay in 2011 for traveling to Phoenix to attend the All-Star game even though his request for vacation time had been denied.

In 2010, Neubauer was suspended for 25 days after calling in sick to attend 13 Yankees games.

Neubauer is now appealing the termination, and he told CBS he is feeling a bit remorseful.

“I feel like I regretted it in a way," he said. "I just want to try to come back."

The CBS New York story did not cite why Neubauer's plight is coming to light now after nearly two months since his dismissal. Perhaps Neubauer is staging a PR offensive.