Remember that Saturday Night Live skit in which Michael Jordan endorses hard-core pornography? Well, special brands of medical marijuana are no laughing matter for Peyton and Eli Manning.

CBS Denver is reporting that marijuana dispensaries in Colorado are selling strains of pot named for the two brothers who face off Sunday when the Broncos visit the Giants.

According to the CBS report, this is unauthorized use of the Mannings' name and likeness for commercial purposes, and legal action could be taken.

The differences between the two strains? The Peyton variety is supposedly good for pain, anxiety, nausea and headaches. The Eli version allegedly counters the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and arthritis.

While it is understandable that the Mannings would want the dispensaries to cease and desist the use of their name, perhaps they should also be flattered. After all, a shop in San Diego has already offered a strain named in honor of President Obama.