Mostly because they love him from his days as a Florida Gator but partially because Jaguars fans haven't seen a ton of success lately, Jacksonville is usually the most vocal and aggressive fan when it comes encouraging the front office to take a look at Tim Tebow.

And with the quarterback now out of work (and reportedly training in California), Jaguars fans have launched a website, with the simple question: Why not?

"Jacksonville is currently the worst team in the NFL," the website's creator argued. "It seemed like it would be Oakland, but at least the Raiders showed some heart in Week 1. The Jaguars looked incompetent. And, again, take a look at those stadium shots. The Jaguars wouldn't generate a lot more interest having Tebow, who grew up in the Jacksonville area and became a college hero at the University of Florida?

"Tim Tebow Quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars? We say.... WHY THE HECK NOT? The Jags are going no where in 2013 if Opening day is any indication. An embarrassing 28-2 Home loss to the only team as bad as us last year. Look at the photos above. That is 5 minutes to go in a NFL game. Stadium Empty."

So is it likely to work? No. The Jaguars have passed on Tebow before and Blaine Gabbert is expected to be back on the field soon.

Though, you have to wonder if the empty-stadium argument that the website makes will be enough for the Jags to take another look.

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