Apparently, twerking is more than just a raunchy dance move.

A New York yoga instructor says she has started incorporating the move into her classes, and her students are loving it. Barbara Purcell told the Daily Express that yoga and twerking are a natural pair, and that twerking may even have some roots in yoga.

"Although twerking can be traced back as far as 20 years in pop and hip hop culture, its roots may very well rest in the ancient traditions of yoga from thousands of years ago," Purcell said. "The word most likely comes from the words work and twist. The combination creates a sexually charged dance move with thrusting hips and low squatting stance."

For Purcell, combining yoga and twerking was a "no-brainer."

"Yoga teaches an energy system within the body involving various energy points known as chakras. They basically move from our root, up the spine, to the crown," she says. "Lower chakra work with a bit of a twerk which is a sexually-charged move really helps this area - and it's proven very popular so far."

While all of this may be true, the trend very well might be a ploy to capitalize on the publicity of Cyrus' provocative dance. But if twerking is actually a natural yoga move, it certainly isn't one of the poses that makes you smarter.