Floyd Mayweather loves money, which is good, because he has lots of it.

The champion boxer, who has never been afraid to flaunt his fortune, was at one point the highest earning athlete in the world, bringing in $85 million in winnings alone.

And with all that dough, you'd think Mayweather might want to spread his assets across a few accounts. Perhaps stash it in different banks and/or different accounts. You know, just in case.

Mayweather, however, doesn't think that way.

In an excellent profile of the 36-year-old prizefighter in ESPN The Magazine, Tim Keown discovered just how many bank accounts Mayweather has -- one.

That's right, Mayweather keeps his fortune in a single account. Below is Keown's reaction to seeing one of Mayweather's bank slips.

I look up to see Floyd smiling. He begins to laugh. I say something unintelligible about too many numbers. I'm not sure what prompted this. Perhaps he mistook my look of fatigue for disapproval? Given his spending habits, is he concerned with pre-empting the inevitable talk that he will end up broke? Or is it simply one more example of the man's hubris? I look down one more time to make sure I got it right. And yes, it's right there, 11 numbers long.

There is more than $123 million in Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s bank account.

He nods, folds the slip and says, "One account, baby."

This doesn't seem like the greatest idea, but in Mayweather's defense, he's earned his money so he can do whatever he wants with it. And according to recent reports, his fortune is about to get a whole lot bigger.

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