While all of his teammates get a breather during halftime of their football games, Armand Fernandez-Pierre has no time to rest.

Fernandez-Pierre, a 335-pound nose tackle at Episcopal School of Dallas who has drawn interest from college programs like Miami and UCLA, is called on to perform again at the half. That's because, as unlikely as it may seem, Fernandez-Pierre is also a star cheerleader.

In fact, Fernandez-Pierre was a cheerleader before he played football at Episcopal. The school's coach, Clayton Sanders, spotted Fernandez-Pierre with the cheerleaders and was immediately intrigued. Fernandez-Pierre had seriously injured his neck playing football as an eighth grader, so in high school he chose an activity with less contact.

Fernandez-Pierre agreed to return to the gridiron if he could still perform with the cheerleaders at halftime. The busy arrangement got a trial run last week during Episcopal's first game.

"[Cheer] is about encouraging each other and moving forward as a group and a team," Fernandez-Pierre told the local Fox affiliate. "When it comes to football I love being able to be, I guess - how could you say it - brutal."

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