Sports fans never know what they're going to see at tailgates, and these days that's especially true at Kansas City Chiefs games.

A local family is upset that a Kansas City strip club, KC Chrome, is advertising outside Arrowhead Stadium by bringing a handful of dancers to promote business.

Kansas City TV station KSBH spoke with Angela Lukenbill and her fiancé Chad Smith, who stayed away from the Chiefs' home opener because they found out KC Chrome would be bringing a truck and some dancers to the game. Lukenbill and Smith have two kids, and they say a strip club has no business advertising outside a football game.

"I understand they need to earn money and stuff but they have a location for that and it’s not at the ballgame," Lukenbill told KSBH.

The female dancers are wearing shorts and tank tops at the tailgates, and KC Chrome's owner, John Seredich, told KSBH that the strip club has been advertising at tailgates for several years.

Ever since 2010, when Missouri passed a law that prohibited full nudity and alcohol at strip clubs and mandated that the establishments close at midnight, some strip clubs have fallen on hard times. It has forced some clubs, like KC Chrome, to look for creative ways to get the word out.

“We're fully clothed. It's not like we're walking around in our heels and bikini's and everything. We know how to act professional,” Heather Lienbach, a stripper at KC Chrome, told KSBH. "We're just out here trying to get the word out there because a lot has changed in the industry."