In recent years the Oakland A's have taken a strong stance toward alcohol consumption in the clubhouse. In fact, Oakland was the first team to prohibit alcohol distribution in both its home and visiting clubhouses.

It's more than a little ironic, then, that a photo has emerged of what appears to be an infant taking a sip of beer during a recent celebration in Oakland's locker room. After an 11-7 victory over the Minnesota Twins on Sunday, the A's were celebrating clinching the A.L. West with some beer and champagne in their locker room.

In the background of a post-game interview, cameras caught an infant who appears to be sipping on a brew. Deadspin acquired the screencap:

While it's hard to tell exactly what's going on in this photo, it appears that the woman holding the baby is putting a can of beer to its mouth. Before we rush to judge, it should be noted that this doesn't necessarily mean the baby was gulping an alcohol beverage. Maybe the woman was posing with her infant for a funny photo, or maybe there was no beer in the container.

Or, maybe, the woman was giving the baby the tiniest sip of beer. In that case, it is mighty unfortunate that she happened to be caught on camera.