Here's a reason to feel more than a little bad for the people who have to do the Redskins' players' laundry: One rookie's good luck charm is keeping a piece of Starburst candy in his socks.

“I’ve been doing this since high school,” Chris Thompson told the Monumental Network, leaving us to wonder who did his laundry in high school (the mothers of ThePostGame team would not have stood for this).

"I have to have a yellow and a red Starburst, and I eat one before the game and I put the other one in my sock. Yeah, it sounds kinda nasty, but I mean, I've done it ever since high school.”

Thompson, a running back from Florida State drafted in the fifth round, said that he eats a yellow square of the squishy and totally melt-able candy before the game and a red one at halftime.

"It tastes the same," he said of his halftime treat. "Actually, it doesn’t get too wet, either, because I have it right by my ankle tape under my sock, so it’s not on my leg gettin’ all wet and nasty.”

Orange slices anyone?

(h/t The Washington Post's DC Sports Bog)