The Redskins are undefeated through three games in the preseason, and that's probably news to Washington legend Dexter Manley.

Manley, the hulking defensive end nicknamed the "Secretary of Defense," told a Washington radio station that he would be too busy to watch preseason games. What might he be doing, you ask, to occupy his time?

"I’m gonna probably be having sex with my wife," Manley said when asked what he would be doing rather than watching one of the Redskins' games.

And, according to Manley, he's not the only one having sex this preseason. When the host asked Manley about the size of players' preseason checks, he responded that they're much less than normal. But they still are put to use.

"For training camp, yeah, it’s just chump change," Manley said. "Most of [the players] probably got mistresses, and they’re giving the money out to them."

Even if Manley's words don't resonate with you, you've got to appreciate his honesty. This guy doesn't care what anyone thinks, and that's somewhat refreshing.