Even after winning the Super Bowl in February, there's no shortage of pressure on the Baltimore Ravens.

Joe Flacco and Ray Rice are in their primes, and together with the rest of their teammates they want to show that last year's magnificent playoff run wasn't a fluke.

But an overload of tension will be the downfall of any team, and Baltimore coach Jim Harbaugh has been doing a wonderful job of helping the Ravens players take their minds off of football.

This offseason the Ravens have taken a field trip (to Gettysburg) and have gotten a private show from comedian Tracy Morgan.

In addition, Harbaugh has lightened the mood at camp with some special visitors. As has become tradition, he brought an ice cream truck to one practice and his players went absolutely wild.

And then, on Monday, Harbaugh had a group of nuns from Oblate Sisters of Providence visit practice.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that,” linebacker Elvis Dumervil told the team's website. "It’s awesome. We need their prayers."

As it turns out, the nuns are huge Ravens fans. They watch Baltimore's games together and even did Ray Lewis’ “Squirrel Dance” when watching the Super Bowl. Now that would be a sight to see.