You can't blame Chris Twigg if he's standing a little taller and smiling a little wider than normal this weekend as he serves as the best man at his brother's wedding.

Unlike most best men, Twigg wasn't simply chosen for the honor. He had to earn it.

After Twigg's older brother, Duncan, proposed to his girlfriend two years ago, Duncan set up an elaborate challenge between his brother and three of his best friends. The competition, which spanned two years and 12 events, made for a lot of fun and more than a little bit of anxiety for the participants.

"Every single one was a great social event," Duncan Twigg told the Daily Mail, "it's been an absolute blast."

The idea for the competition came from the 2009 film 12 Rounds, in which a detective must finish a dozen challenges to free his girlfriend. The events included a best man speech contest, a dance challenge and a YouTube video challenge. Below is Chris Twigg's entry for the YouTube video challenge, which he ended up winning.

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Chris fell behind in the early going, but thanks to a strong showing down the stretch he ended up taking the crown.

"There was no way I was going to lose because I should have been picked originally," Chris said. "But knowing Duncan as I do I had to humour the contest and try that little bit harder to make sure that I won. I was determined to win it because he is my brother and it was something I really wanted to do."

Chris also won the sports challenges, which included a wheelbarrow race, a high jump competition and a basketball game.

While Chris questioned his decision to hold the competition, Duncan had the support of the person that matters most.

'I've had to be pretty patient and understanding about it all as we've had quite a lot to do with organising the wedding," Duncan's fiancee, Rosanna, said. "But I understand why Duncan had to do it because it was a hard decision for him."