Alex Rodriguez will surely hear the most ferocious jeers of his shortened season (and perhaps his life) this weekend when the embattled third baseman and the New York Yankees visit Boston for a three-game series with the Red Sox.

But one Boston business didn't want to wait until Rodriguez was in town to get the heckling started. The Boston Sports Club took out an ad in the Boston Herald this week ridiculing Rodriguez, who is currently in the process of appealing a suspension from MLB.

The ad reads:

"Alex, losing $34 million? don't miss our summer sale. Join today and keep that A-bod."


The $34 million figure is approximately the salary that Rodriguez would forfeit should his 211-game suspension be upheld. Rodriguez is accused of using illegal supplements to get his impressive physique, so presumably if he were suspended he would need to hit a gym to maintain his "A-bod." Boston, however, is the last place Rodriguez would show his face.

If parody ads like this Boston Sports Club note and Manti Te'o billboard are the future of advertising, we're totally onboard.

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