June 25: It all started with a Tweet (that was quickly deleted) and a post on Instagram (that was not) where Rodriguez announced that he was all set to come back to baseball, after spending much of the 2013 season recovering from a hip injury.

The same day: The statement was immediately refuted by Brian Cashman, Yankees GM, who told ESPN: "You know what, when the Yankees want to announce something, [we will],” Cashman said. “Alex should just shut the f— up. That's it. I'm going to call Alex now.”

July 1: Yankees clear Rodriguez to begin minor league stint, sending him to the Bombers’ Class-A affiliate in Charleston, S.C.

July 13: Rodriguez, according to reports, meets with officials from Major League Baseball, to talk about his alleged involvement with the now-defunct Biogenesis Clinic, which is in the center of the latest doping scandal. He then fails to show up at the game he is scheduled to play with the Tampa Yankees. He later sidesteps reporters' questions about his no-show, and points out that the game was rained out.

July 16: Rodriguez heads to Trenton, N.J., for his continued rehab assignment. He is spotted at Chipotle, which is not really relevant but interesting.

July 19: Cashman tells the New York Daily News he expects Rodriguez to play in the Yankees' game in Texas on Monday, the 22nd, so far as everything goes OK.

July 21: Alex Rodriguez tells reporters he expects to be back on Tuesday, not Monday. “From a time point of view, definitely Tuesday, and not tomorrow,” Rodriguez said, before the results of the MRI were revealed. "I feel OK. I spoke to Cashman and (Joe) Girardi and the plan is pretty much as scheduled from 20 days ago, with one exception — we're going to get an MRI, get on a flight to Texas, and it probably looks like a workout (Monday), strap it on Tuesday, assuming that everything goes well, and I think it should.”

July 22: Everything is not OK. An MRI reveals that Rodriguez has a Grade 1 quad strain, which the Yankees immediately announce may keep him on the DL longer. They reportedly begin exploring options to extend his rehab stint.

The same day: The New York Post reports Rodriguez immediately began to consider seeking a second opinion, a move that many think signifies his overall distrust of the Bombers.

Also that day: Ryan Braun is suspended for the rest of the season due to what allegedly appears to be his involvement with the Biogenesis Clinic. Many begin to speculate Rodriguez is next.

July 24: A doctor who gave Rodriguez a second opinion goes public, telling multiple outlets that the third baseman is fine and joins a chorus of people close to Rodriguez who claim the Yankees are trying to keep him off the field. (This doctor was reprimanded and fined in February by the New Jersey attorney general for "failing to adequately ensure proper patient treatment involving the prescribing of hormones including steroids".)

The same day: The Yankees begin exploring the possibility that Rodriguez violated a rule in the Collective Bargaining Agreement while seeking a second opinion without their consent. Cashman, in a statement also alleges it was Rodriguez who said he was injured in the first place.

Also the same day: ESPN New York reports that "a source with ties to Rodriguez" told the Yankees he's ready to play on Friday.

July 25: According to ESPN New York, the Yankees are considering disciplining Rodriguez for seeking a second opinion without their consent. Rodriguez, meanwhile, issues a statement: "I think the Yanks and I crossed signals,'' the statement read. "I don't want any more mix-ups. I'm excited and ready to play and help this team win a championship. I feel great and I'm ready and want to be in the lineup Friday night. Enough doctors. Let's play."