When Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's not making education policy, he's been known to hit the basketball court once in awhile. Last summer, he played hoops with the U.S. women's Olympic team on the way to London and he's also been spotted around courts in D.C. hooping it up in the occasional pickup game.

Thanks to the Washington Post's Sports Bog, here's video documentation of the education chief playing in the famed Goodman League in Washington, DC.

The best part of the video is when the play-by-play man hypes Duncan's three-point shot: "Check out Arne got his feet set for three, yes indeed. The Secretary of Education."

Duncan, according to the Post plays on a team called "The Old Heads." Despite their name, they're in first place in the "Opening Act" division of the league with a sterling record of 3-0.

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Duncan has legit hoops skills. He was team captain at Harvard and spent a few seasons as a pro in the Australian league.