Who says homecomings are just for high school and college?

Following in the lead of the Washington Redskins, who have brought back former greats for "Homecoming" games, the Houston Texans announced that they'll host their own homecoming game when they face the New England Patriots on Dec. 1.

Last year Houston sported letterman's jackets for its Monday night matchup with New England, and it's likely that the team will bust out the jackets again this year. Although some players might not be too happy with that idea.

But they're not stopping with one themed game. As a matter of fact, the Texans will have a theme for each of their eight home games in 2013-2014. Others include a White Out (Sept. 15 against the Titans) a Hispanic Heritage Day (Sept. 29 against the Seahawks) and a Salute to Service (Nov. 17 against the Raiders).

This sounds like a fantastic idea. Not only does it allow the team to honor certain groups, it's also a way to excite the fans and get them coming out to the stadium (which, as we've seen, is a big push in the NFL).

And let's hope the Texans' Homecoming won't create as much controversy as the Redskins' did.