Shaquille O'Neal traveled to the small town of Natchitoches, Louisiana over the weekend for his induction into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. During his trip, according to The Town Talk, the former sheriff made a visit to the local shooting range. A Reddit user posted what he left behind: A target sheet with the inscription, "Don't let a guy who shot 40 percent from the free throw line out-shoot you."

Courtesy of Reddit, here's the photo:

Shaq was one of nine athletes inducted into the Hall of Fame. During his trip, he announced plans to to partner with Our Lady of the Lake Hospital to start a free children’s hospital in Baton Rouge, according to the newspaper.

“The state lifted me to greatness,” O'Neal reportedly said. “LSU lifted me to greatness. The people of Louisiana lifted me to greatness.”

Speaking of Shaq's accuracy, here was his recent faceoff against Trick Shot Titus on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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