Lance Easley, the man best known as being the ref who made the (probably wrong) Hail Mary call during last season's referee lockout, has emerged from hiding to a) plug his new book and b) defend the call that many believe was the tipping point to end the lockout.

"Yes, that was the correct call as far as simultaneous possession," he said on the NFL Network Friday morning. "They (Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate and Green Bay Packers safety M.D. Jennings) went up together. They came down with the ball. It was indisputable as far as the control of the process of the catch ... all I saw were arms around it locked together, I saw Tate come down first with both hands on the ball then I saw Jennings come down and they both came down together.

"I was hoping by the time I got to that pile somebody had definite control, but that prayer was unanswered."

As for the aftermath, Easley said he didn't realize how big of a deal the call was until his boss told him he was more popular than Kim Kardashian on Twitter.

"The only fear I had because of the gambling side of it, people said all of this money changed hands. But all of that money changed hands. It could have changed hands if I ruled the other way and they would have said the same thing."

His book, Making the Call for the record, debuts next month for less than $10 on Hopefully his prayers that it sells works a little better.