He's no stranger to luxury, so it takes a lot to impress LeBron James. After all, the guy is a multi-millionaire living in South Beach and partying with Jay-Z, Drake and just about every other celebrity you can imagine.

So to dazzle James, it takes more than money. It requires creativity.

It's safe to say the four-time NBA MVP was blown away by what he found waiting for him in his room at the the W Hotel in Guangzhou, China.

James, who is on an Asian tour, is staying at a room equipped with a 24/7 DJ. That's right: This guy's only job for the time being is to spin tracks for the Miami Heat superstar.

Don't believe us? Hear it from the man himself:

For good measure, some eight hours after posting the first video James added another:

James, who has tried his hand at the turn tables before, is no stranger to DJs in unusual places. The Heat were the first team in the NBA to hire an official DJ.