Courtney Cox, a former ESPN employee who worked as the stage manager in the infamous "Decision" broadcast three years ago -- something, she writes, that helped her decide to leave Bristol, Conn., for sunnier pastures. Now Cox has revealed some of the behind-the-scenes madness that befuddled even the network's employees. Among her revelations in a post on (via

1. Kanye West was there, for reasons she still doesn't understand today:

"I spend the first 15 minutes or so honed in on 'Ye’s every move. He seems chill, he’s wearing his glasses indoors, and he’s not making sudden moves. I forget he’s there until one of the camera operators says, “I think Kanye West fell asleep.

"At the biggest non-sporting sports event in a while, Kanye West fell asleep before anyone announced anything. He was doing the church/school head nod and everything. Wake up, Mr. West."

West, she notes, left before the Decision was announced.

2. It seemed like a weird thing to do, even for those who helped orchestrate it:

No one seemed to have a clue during the day where James might end up, but walking into the situation, I really thought it’d be Cleveland. The whole thing was too elaborate, too showy for him to go somewhere else. He had to stay home. If not, it really is like your girlfriend thinks you’re going to propose, and you break up with her on national TV.

The post is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the event. Read the whole thing here.

You can also relive the whole event below:

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