In an otherwise memorable All-Star Game for New York baseball, a night in which Matt Harvery started the game for the National League and Mariano Rivera earned MVP honors, Jerry Seinfeld says local fans should be ashamed of themselves.

The comedian and former sitcom star, who attended the game, told WFAN radio’s Steve Somers that he was "embarrassed" by the way fans booed the American League players.

"This is one of the lowest moments of my lifetime of Mets fandom, when the Citi Field crowd was booing (players) that they see as rivals to their Mets team,” Seinfeld said. “And I'm standing there, I was in shock. I was embarrassed. I thought it was horrible manners."

Seinfeld is a diehard Mets fan and has been spotted at lots of games in Queens over the years. He's even turned down the opportunity to be an owner in the team because "there is no higher level to being a fan."

And so when Seinfeld speaks about issues near and dear to Mets fans' hearts, people listen.

"These are the best players, in the game you love, that have come here to put on a show for you, and we're booing them like 5-year-olds," Seinfeld said. “As if there’s some sort of real animosity. The American League is not the Taliban.

"What are we booing Miguel Cabrera (for)? … So I was very embarrassed by that.”

Seinfeld didn't come away from the game completely bitter, however, because he said the reception given to Rivera as well as the closer's strong performance made up for some of the humiliation that Mets fans inflicted upon themselves by booing earlier in the night.

And of course no conversation about the Mets and Seinfeld would be complete without a reference to the episode in which Keith Hernandez was the guest star:

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