Having a birthday party and sending an invite to Mr. Met? According to a story in the Wall Street Journal, you should be prepared to shell out some major dough.

The newspaper found that mascots like Mr. Met, the Philly Phanatic and Mariner Moose will run about $600 an our for private events like birthday parties, corporate events and more. For that much you can get two hours with the Cardinals' mascot.

The prices, according to the report, do go down for charity events. The Philly Phanatic will cut his price in half for charities while the Mariner Moose will go to hospitals to cheer up sick kids and other patients for free.

For the full report click here. (Fans of the Angels, Cubs, Dodgers and Yankees surely know that their teams don't have mascots.)

While the prices may seem steep, below is just one video to remind you why any time with a mascot can be priceless.

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