In addition to the copious questions about Justin Bieber's bizarre outfit at Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals this week in Miami, there was something else that everyone was wondering: Who was that girl sitting next to him?

Was she a friend? Was she, gasp, Bieber's new girlfriend? Everyone, it seems, wanted to know.

It turns out the young woman, 17-year-old Haleigh Youtie, is none of the above. Just a Heat fan who happened to be sitting next to the most famous teenager on Earth.

"I mean, I was freaking out," Haleigh said of her reaction when she found out Bieber would be sitting next to her for the game. "I'm not like an obsessed fan, but obviously it's Justin Bieber. I attempted to talk to him, but he wasn't feeling it."

Haleigh told the Miami Herald that the multi-platinum 19-year-old refused to be photographed until someone brought over a Miami Heat dancer. She tried to strike up conversations throughout the game, but they didn't go very far. "It was just really uncomfortable," she said.

Making her situation even more uncomfortable was that fact that after posting a photo of herself and Bieber on Instagram, Haleigh felt the wrath of countless "Beliebers."

"I check at the game, and I have 1,000 follower requests," she said. "Literally, people finding out all my info and liked. Twelve-year-old fan page girls were like, 'We're going to come beat you up.'"

Haleigh decided to make all her social media accounts private and leave the game early. And while there was a mad scramble amongst media members to uncover her identity, now that people know she's not connected to Bieber, her life should be returning to normal.

When it's all said and done, Haleigh might not even be the most famous Heat fan from these playoffs. That honor goes to Joakim Noah nemesis Filomena Tobias.

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