As he is with most things (but this one completely understandable), Nick Swisher seems totally pumped up about being a new dad. So it's not surprise that in an interview with he was quick to offer parenting tips about what he's quickly learned since wife JoAnna Garcia gave birth to the couple's first child last month.

Lesson one? Poop smells.

"The one thing I didn’t really understand is that when they're newborn, like a week old, and they go No. 2, it doesn't stink. But after that, it starts to change -- QUICKLY. That's one thing I learned on the run," he said.

He also had valuable tips for what he's known best for: Being baseball's favorite bro.

"You gotta be cool, man. You gotta enjoy what you do. But 'bro' can also mean a lot of different things. For example, you know that person you saw at a Christmas party three years ago and you see him again and you remember his face, but you don't remember his name? Perfect bro moment," he told the

And of course, bro don'ts: "Don't be a hater. Just enjoy life."

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