Most major and minor league baseball teams will be sponsoring some sort of promotion this week to honor the Fourth of July.

The Huntsville Stars, the Milwaukee Brewers' Double-A affiliate, are taking that idea a step further. The Stars are hosting a "2nd amendment night" on July 3, a promotion sponsored by local establishment Larry’s Pistol and Pawn in which NRA members get in free. Fans can enter a raffle and win certificates that are redeemable at Larry's Pistol and Pawn. No guns will be given away at the game.

Stars general manager Buck Rogers told that the team will also be handing out copies of the Declaration of Independence

"One of the hot button issues right now is the Second Amendment that everybody's running from," Rogers said. "We're not touching base on First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, abortion or any of that type of stuff. A lot of stuff makes people uncomfortable. Maybe it's time Americans basically said, 'Hey, what's going on? What's wrong with this? Day in and day out, people's rights are being taken away. The government is spying. We've got phone companies selling our information - the whole nine yards."

For more information about the "2nd amendment night," check out the Stars' Facebook page.

(H/T to For The Win)