With Wimbeldon coming up around the corner, marketable star Maria Sharapova is spending her time talking about candy as much as possible -- not tennis, according to a recent report in the New York Times.

Sharapova, whose candy line debuted last year, reportedly capitalized the pre-tournament conversation this week, providing fans with the following insights:

On how much candy she eats:

“I used to eat a lot more than I do now,” she told the Times. “In the beginning, I used to have it in my home, in my hotel rooms, to the point where it was nonstop. I was like, 'Unless I need to give gifts to people, I'm not ordering it for my house.' "

She told the newspaper she chose the candy line instead of another clothing line because it was unexpected.

“Everyone would have expected me to do something like clothes or accessories or perfume,” she said.

And as for her favorite in the Sugarpova line, she said, "It's a rainbow licorice on the outside and inside it's like a soft marshmallow. I saw it in the factory in Spain going through the tubes, and it was actually a testimonial to new and different flavors they were working on. I said, 'This is going to be part of my collection.' "

While the conversation may seem strange, it's not surprising for Sharapova who is one of tennis's most marketed stars.

And though the sugary sweet conversation may be strange, it at least kept her away from talking about anything a rival might have said in a certain Rolling Stone article.