Motorcycle enthusiasts with some extra cash on their hands may want to look into a new bike created by the acclaimed Turkish designer Tarhan Telli.

If you think you know luxury motorcycles, wait until your read about this treasure. The bike, which took more than one year to build, is powered by an 1801 cc v-twin engine and weighs almost 700 pounds -- much of that coming from its gold frame. With the price of gold at around $1,600 per pound in the United States, some estimates of this bike note that it may be worth more than $1 million in gold alone.

The motorcycle has a mythological theme which is exemplified by a large sculpted head of Medusa on the tank. The frame and fender are adorned with snake designs.

There's also a somewhat rusty feel to the bike. Telli avoided shimmering gold pieces for rugged-looking material, and he also adorned the seat with stugs and fringe.

Telli's extravagant creation is thought to be worth more than the MTT Turbine Superbike, a motorcycle which cost $185,000 in 2004. Although at this point, there is no official record (partly because it's hard to determine an exact cost for Telli's bike).

To check out more photos of the bike, which has 125 horsepower, see here.